Some reviews of the SLMM from competitors

Many thanks for all the positive comments from those who completed our survey. Thanks also to those who made suggestions for improvements-we have added them to our list of things to consider for next year rather than publish here. From the 2018 event:

“Great introduction to mountain marathons in delightful scenery” – Thomas Hague

“The SLMM would be a great first event for a family or friend pairing. It’s very well organised and friendly, with the bonus of being able to pre-order drinks for the overnight camp. The courses offer a great challenge in beautiful scenery”. Nickcompass44

“High quality event organised by people who know what they are doing and who do it well” John Coon

Don’t underestimate the navigational aspects of the course – this is something that always gets me. Most importantly, see the SLMM as a great weekend out – the atmosphere is always lovely and the banter fun. It’s an event for everyone, with such a wide range of entrants and fitness levels. I was cynical, but now I’m hooked (and sore…)” Imogen Jones

As I first time competitor I was quite worried that I would be too slow and would need to run the majority of the course.  I found the course I entered to be really enjoyable, incredibly friendly and within my ability.  Definitely a brilliant introduction to Mountain Marathons (although the weather was a great help!!)”Roz

“2018 was not only my first Saunders but my first mountain marathon as well. I’m told the weather is as sunny as that every year… It was a joy from start to finish – low key but very efficiently organised, with lovely people, an absorbing score class in Fairfield and the backdrop of the Lakes in blisteringly hot conditions to add to the challenge. The overnight camp was huge fun and everything we needed to recover just enough to do it all over again the following day. I’ll definitely be back, hopefully with either my son or daughter to do Bedafell or Carrock as they would enjoy the whole experience, Who knows, it may even be sunny next year! Thanks” Alan Dorrington

“A really friendly event in such a beautiful part of the country. Great community feel”. Paul K

“First time at the SLMM 2018 loved the event, well organised and challenging highly recommended”.  Shaun Boorman

“The best mountain marathon in one of the most spectacular places in the UK”. Sharon McDonald

“Excellent, friendly, well-organised mountain marathon” – Ian Hamilton

“I think the S.L.M.M. is truly a unique and great event, but I may be biased as I have done the last 30 of them, including planning the 2013 event. The Lake District is a wonderful area and it is truly a privilege to compete in this event at this time of year. I have seen many changes over the years and the event continues to evolve, at pace over the last two or three years, to keep it up to date, but also to keep the traditional “feel ” going, did someone mention beer?. There is simply no better way to spend two days in early July than doing the S.L.M.M., and now that it is a “not for profit Community Interest Company”, there’s even more reason to support this great event and this wonderful part of the country, can’t wait for next year. See you there” Brian Layton.

 “A fantastic 2 day event. Well organised and great fun” David Oldfield.

 “SLMM is the best weekend away – it’s totally absorbing, it is always in upliftingly lovely countryside and whatever was only your mind at home is quickly forgotten. ”Amanda, St.Albans

“The Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon is an excellent event, well organised by friendly volunteers and gives an excellent challenge”Ian Sayer

“The Saunders continues to be a well-run, friendly event in excellent terrain. Thanks to all of those involved in putting the event on. See you next year”. The Hindles

“What a fantastic event, and what cheerful volunteers. The terrain was great and the organisation outstanding. Thank you to all the people involved and I will definitely be back next year!” Jacques Penderis

“Great event! First daytime MM and loved it. Can’t wait to come back for more. So well run! “Chris Barnard

“Great event that tests your navigation skills and endurance” Mark Lath

“The SLMM has the uncanny knack of making running with a pack up hill over difficult terrain following a compass bearing a pleasurable experience!” Jon Griffiths

Two years ago I decided to run a mountain marathon and began looking around for the perfect one. The SLMM was the first event of this type that my dad ran (40 years ago) and it felt right that I should enter the SLMM in its 40th year. It was hot, intense but thoroughly enjoyable. Wansfell provided an excellent introduction for me, I’m already hooked and marking this event on next year’s calendar! Thank you to the event organisers and supporters who were brilliant.” Sally Parkin

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