Things people bring on the SLMM- and things they wished they hadn’t!

We asked 2018 competitors to let us know if there was something , other than Mandatory Kit that was particularly useful, or something they didn’t take but wish they had taken.The list turned out to be a lot longer than expected!



Sun cream

A wide brimmed sun hat

Sun block

Midge head net

Water filter

Water purification tablets

Blister specific plasters

2L water container

Cap with neck cover/flap

Glasses with prescription for reading


Spare running top and socks

Buff to wet and put round neck for cooling.

Jelly Babies

Lightweight cap with visor

Electrolyte tablets

Inflatable pillow. Hardly any weight and a better night’s sleep.


A gas stove extended foot, so much safer than just the canister on the ground.


Long handled titanium spoons for eating overnight food


A collapsible cup for scooping water out of streams whilst on the move.

Pillow and earplugs

Phone for decent pictures – pleased you now allow this in the rules.

Midge net

Toothbrush and paste.

Ultralight walking poles

Sleeping mat

Duck tape

A meat and potato pie for Sunday breakfast.

A white peaked hat, purchased at the last minute


Flip flops



Tick remover

Plastic foot bags.


Tea bags

Swiss army knife (climbers model) and duct tape

Sun cream

A small flexible cup to grab a drink often whilst running

Sun hat with wide brim all round

Zip lock plastic bags as water carriers at camp

A crossword puzzle for Sat evening

A bottle of wine for the overnight camp, decanted into a plastic water bottle which reverted back to its main function (water) on Sunday

Insect repellent wipes


Credit Card


Toenail clippers

Talc to help avoid blisters

OS Maps, not used to Harveys

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