Refunds, Team changes and Deferrals

Refunds if Competitor Cancels Entry
Up until 1st June, teams can withdraw and we will refund the entry fee and the costs of any T-shirts purchased, less an admin fee of £25 per team (pair or solo). Refunds are not available in any circumstances after this date but team members (one or both) can be substituted by the entry owner any time up to midnight on 26th June.

We are not able to offer deferral of entry to following years in any circumstances, unless it is necessary for us to postpone the whole event until a subsequent year

Refunds on Event Cancellation
If we are unable to stage the event for any reason then we will refund all entry fees in full or offer deferral to a future event.

Team / Course Changes
Team and course changes will not be allowed at the event. You can change partner, and/or course (provided there is space available and you have the required qualifications) up until 26th June by editing in SiEntries yourself.  No team or course changes will be available after this date.

Competitors can edit personal and safety information held on SiEntries up to the date of the event.

Collection of T-shirts
Commemorative T-shirts purchased can be collected at the event HQ .If you are not able to make it to the event and have purchased T-shirts then these will be sold and proceeds donated to the Mountain Rescue service

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