2021 Covid related measures

Currently, we believe that the event can go ahead, as long as the planned Government/Local Authority restrictions do not change.  But, as these can change without warning , the event could still be cancelled at short notice.  Please be assured that the safety of our competitors, volunteers and the local community will be at the forefront of our decision making.  To check for up to date UK Government guidelines please go to their website.

We’ll keep in touch by email. Final Details will be published nearer to the date of the event but the important things that you need to know, now, are detailed below. As our plans develop, we will update the relevant sections.  This year ALL elements of the event are subject to change, even at the last minute so please bear with us and read the information as it is updated.

We will make the event as COVID-19 safe as we can, but we need your help to ensure the measures we put in place are effective.  Prior to the event all competitors will be asked to agree to abide by the SLMM Participants Code of Conduct.  You can read the current version of this important document here.

Online registration is mandatory

To assist with a paper/touch free registration ALL competitors must accept the Online Registration Form, Parental Consent Form (where relevant) and COVID Declaration Form. You must accept these forms electronically BEFORE coming to the event.   Details as to how to do this will be emailed by Si entries to all competitors 2 weeks before, so keep an eye on your ‘inbox’!

Arrivals at the Event

To ensure we have up to date information on who will be on site and how many tents/campervans will be arriving we will be asking all competitors to complete an online arrivals form. Also to be sent to you 2 weeks before the event.

Social Distancing  

We will expect everyone to be prudent and observe social distancing from other teams. You and your partner need to be comfortable with being in close proximity to one another for the duration of the weekend.

Specific measures to reduce crowding at the event.

We have identified ‘hotspots’ from previous events and developed plans to reduce these, which we will review nearer the time but include

  • Removal of paper-based registration as above
  • No course or team changes will be permitted at registration. These must be completed, electronically, beforehand.
  • Only one dibber per team, to reduce numbers at registration and bunching at controls on the courses
  • T-shirts may be sent out after the event by post to remove a risk of a queue in the registration tent. No cash sales of T-shirts at the event.
  • No prizegiving after the event, but trophies and prizes sent by post afterwards
  • All competitors will be given a specific start time for both Saturday and Sunday which they must adhere to. They should not approach the start area before a specific time interval, which will be notified
  • No results or start times will be posted at the overnight camp. Instead these will be available on a rolling basis electronically by a dedicated intranet
  • No blank maps will be on display on the Friday night

Face masks and hand sanitiser

There will be hand sanitiser dispensers available throughout the Event HQ but you must also carry your own small bottle at all times -see mandatory kit list, on the Rules pages of the web site, which includes 50ml bottle of hand sanitiser and a face covering as additional requirement.

Face mask or covering must be carried at all times and worn whenever in proximity of others, particularly but not exclusively at registration, start, finish, catering, download and any queue, unless the organisers specify otherwise at the time of the event.

Reasons for non-attendance of the event

You should NOT attend the event if you:

  • Have any symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of or within the 14 days before the event (NHS COVID symptoms guide here)
  • have been in close contact with anyone who is suspected of or confirmed as having Covid-19 within the 14 days before this event and/or have been advised by Track and Trace to self-isolate.
  • are undergoing testing for suspected Coronavirus.
  • reside in an area of the UK that is under local lockdown.
  • within 14 days of the event are travelling from outside the UK from a region that is subject to the quarantine restrictions in place at that time
  • Vulnerable/Clinically extremely vulnerable:  
  • Individuals who fall into the ‘vulnerable’ or ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ or those in contact with individuals in these categories must assess their own risk and follow government guidance in this area.  Latest advice here.
  • If you have been previously hospitalised due to Covid-19, based on the best available evidence at this time, it is strongly advised that you undergo a form of health screening prior to taking part.
  • If you were not hospitalised due to Covid-19, but self-isolated having shown symptoms at any time, you are also recommended to undergo a form of screening.
  • If you have felt entirely well during the pandemic, you are not routinely recommended to undergo health screening, but it is something to be considered as part of your normal health monitoring for the health-conscious competitor.

Your GP should be able to guide you on what level of screening you may require, and who is the best person to assist you in the process

Deferrals and Refunds

If we have to cancel the event due to COVID-19 or any other reasons we will offer each competitor the following options:   

  • Deferral of entry to the 2022 event, which we anticipate being held on the 2nd/3rd July 2022. This guarantees you a place in the event, at this year’s entry fee.
  • Full refund

We are not able to offer any deferral of entry in any circumstances other than if we cancel the 2021 SLMM. 

We will continue to offer all competitors the option of a full refund, less £25 admin fee per team, if they withdraw for reasons set out above, or any other reason, up until Friday 18th June. After this date and until the start of the event on 3rd July we will offer a refund (less £25 admin fee per team) only to those competitors who are not able to compete for valid Covid-19 related reasons as set out above, provided

  • Supporting evidence (copies of positive tests or local restrictions etc) must be provided within 14 days of the event by email.

All enquiries regarding this email should be directed to

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