SLMM 2021 Final Details


Friday 18th June
The first date by which you can complete your Online Registration for the event.  It is compulsory to do this.  See below.

Friday 25th June
Final date for team or course changes

Sunday 27th June

  • The final date by which you must complete Registration online. If you miss this date you will not be allowed to compete
  • The final date you can order food and drinks for the Friday night and drinks for the overnight camp

Friday 2nd July
Event HQ opens at 16.30

Saturday 3rd July
Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon 


To reduce social contact between participants and volunteers and to reduce any queuing, we are operating an online registration process which is mandatory for all entrants.

All registrations must have been completed online on SiEntries by the person who made the original entry before 27th June.

You must accept the terms and conditions for competing in the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon. If you do not confirm your agreement and compliance with these terms in advance, then you will not be allowed to compete. 

Remember it is now over 18 months since some people first entered the event. Please check the details for your emergency contacts and also enter your vehicle registration if you plan on leaving it at the Event Centre for the weekend. 

The person who made the entry and paid for it should go to


 Don’t forget to tick the boxes confirming your acceptance of the T&Cs and SAVE your changes


Our Event HQ will be at Gatesgarth Farm, CA13 9XA, at the bottom of the Honister Pass, 3km from Buttermere Village.


Reception will be open from 16.30 to 21.30 on Friday and from 06.30 on Saturday. You must check in, even though you have completed online registration as you will be issued with two devices per team.

If you are just coming to check in and then going away to sleep elsewhere on Friday night, you will be directed by marshals to temporary parking. Please do not follow those cars that are being directed to the camping area as this will upset the one-way system.

Your start times are set out above and you must write these down and carry them with you (see mandatory kit list). We have spread the Sunday starts out over an extra half hour so your actual start time on Sunday may be slightly earlier than the block you chose. This will reduce the risk of crowding. Please keep a note of your team number and start times for both days. We will be strict in adhering to this as we want to spread competitors out evenly for Covid-19 reasons. If you have not done so, please complete our very brief survey to give us an indication of arrival times. Link here.


Each team will be issued with two electronic devices at Reception, and these must be carried for the duration of the event. One is fitted on a lanyard (to be worn around the neck) and technically known as an “SI-card” or “timing chip” although we use the more common term “dibber” and it is shown in this photo with a control box.

This year, as a trial, we have decided to fit a tracker to each team. This is primarily for safety reasons as it should enable us to locate a team in the event that they do not complete the course within the allocated times. It will also enable us to check that your route avoids Out of Bounds areas. The tracks will not be made publicly available. The tracker is slightly larger than the dibber and will be attached to a rucksack strap at reception. You do not need to do anything with it during the event.

Only one team member should come to Reception and you must bring the sheet with your team number and start times which have been allocated to you as above. Although there will be no kit check, please bring a rucksack so that we can attach your tracker. When you approach Reception go directly to one of the desks. The marshal will check that you have submitted your Registration documents, online. If all is in order, you will be given a dibber and a tracker will be attached to your rucksack. The tracker must not be removed from your rucksack until you have finished on Sunday.

Please note – you must wear a face covering during the check in process.

Remember, no online registration – no dibber – no start.

Although there will be no kit check at Registration, random kit checks will be carried out at the Overnight Camp and at the Day 2 Finish.


As part of the online confirmation process, all participants must confirm their agreement to abide by the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon Participants Code of Conduct. Document here. Please see this page for detail of the precautions we are taking at the event and government guidance on attendance. Please note that face coverings must be worn in all the following situations, unless directed otherwise at the time:

  • In the marquee at the event centre and overnight camp
  • In queues for catering and toilets
  • Within 50 metres of the start on each day
  • When directed by a marshal

Please contact the Organiser in advance is there is any reason why you are not able to wear a face covering in these circumstances.

Following the race
If you develop Covid-19 symptoms and/or have a positive test within 72 hours of the race, you must inform the Race Organiser.

If you test positive you should complete the UKA Covid-19 Report Form here.


A junior runner is one who is under 18 on the Saturday of the event. Where one of the two runners, in a team, is under 18, the other runner must be at least 21 and must be the parent/guardian or the “accompanying adult” appointed by the parent or guardian of the junior runner.

If the parent/guardian is competing with the junior runner, and is the entry owner, then they will give their consent to their child/ward participating when accepting the online terms and conditions. If the parent or guardian is not participating, then they must give their prior written consent to the “accompanying adult” by signed a completed copy of the Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon Parental/Guardian Consent Form. This must be scanned and emailed to the organiser before 27th June. Click here for copy of the form.


Camping on the Friday night is available for competitors only. Tents and campervans will be in different areas, so follow instructions when you arrive. We cannot accept caravans on the site. Parking and camping will be allowed from 16.00 on Friday and tents can be left erected until Sunday, if required, but cannot be occupied by friends and supporters as the site is on private land and will be closed over the weekend. Due to the restricted entrance to the campsite, you will not be able to leave this area in a car on the Friday so please make sure you have everything with you when you arrive. Hot food and drinks will be available on site.

We will not be providing a security guard, so you may prefer to pack your camping gear into your car before starting the event on Saturday. A locked luggage store will be available for those who arrive on foot but we can take no responsibility for any items left in it, or elsewhere on the site.

We plan on “Lights out” at 11pm on the Friday as everyone has a long weekend ahead of them. We recognise that some people may have transport issues and may arrive after this time. Please keep as quiet as possible and follow the instructions on the gate for late arrivals.

If you have friends and family who wish to stay in the area after they have dropped you off then they may do so in an adjacent field on payment (cash only) to the farmer of £5 per person per night plus parking charge of £4 per car (campervan £10) per day. If you are coming in a vehicle with people who wish to do this then please notify the marshal at the Farm entrance and do not enter the SLMM parking area.


We will not offer a service to keep your car keys for you. You must keep them yourself.


No Dogs, even on a lead are allowed, at the event. Both the Event HQ and the Overnight Camp are on private land.


The event HQ is 29 miles from Penrith train station which lies on the main West Coast line (around 3 hours to London). The X4 and X5 buses go hourly and take around 45 minutes from Penrith to Keswick and then a change is required to Bus 77A ( also hourly and takes 45 minutes) which stops right by the event centre.


We have two catering firms providing food and drink (alcoholic and soft drinks) on the Friday night and it would help them, and us, if you order and pay for food and drink in advance. The catering firms and bar will be open from about 18.00 until 10pm on the Friday night, and open for breakfast from 6.30 on Saturday morning. They will provide the meal that is included in your entry fee when you finish on Sunday afternoon, link to menu here. Please look at the menus for Friday night here and for Saturday morning here.


We will be providing a bar on site at the Friday night so there should be no reason for campers to leave the site once arrived. You should either order in advance or bring a payment card as we seek to minimise cash transactions.


Soft and alcoholic drinks and milk can be ordered in advance here and collected at the overnight camp. This year we will also have a licence to sell soft and alcoholic drinks at the overnight camp so bring a payment card if you think you may want to drink more than you have ordered in advance. But, take warning, this is not an alternative to pre-ordering. The quantity of additional drinks available for purchase will be limited and will be sold on a first-come basis No refunds on drink will be available if you do not get to the overnight camp to collect it.


At Event HQ there are Portaloo-type toilets on the Parking/HQ field. Please use these before making the journey to the start and do not foul the area along the way.

At the overnight campsite, Portaloo-type toilets will be provided.


Water at both the Event Centre and the Overnight camp is from local sources and used by their respective farms as primary sources of drinking water. However, the water is untreated, and you should therefore treat the water yourself, if you have any concerns, before drinking or using for cooking.

Water will be dispensed via a series of taps on the bowser and please use the hand sanitiser before using these. As water is limited, please take no more than you need and not allow it to run on the ground. Don’t leave the tap running for the next user. A stream also runs past the overnight camp field.


Pete Bland Sports will be present at the event, from the Friday, with a full range of Mountain Marathon equipment, and some great offers – don’t forget to bring cash or credit card to the event centre. Alpkit will be displaying a range of tents at the overnight camp and taking orders for delivery after the event.


If you have ordered T- shirts they can be collected at Reception. There will be none available for sale at the event.


Team and course changes will not be allowed at the event. You can change partner up until 26th June by clicking EDIT MY ENTRY. If you wish to change course, then you should contact the Organiser prior to 26th June. No course changes will be available after this date. We have limited scope to change start times at this stage but there will be provision for those arriving late at the start. This may involve a considerable wait until the marshals can find an alternative slot so we would encourage you to arrive on time unless it would be dangerous to rush.


Each team will be issued a dibber on a neck lanyard. Each control has an electronic box with a number on it. Your dibber is inserted into a hole in the top of the box until it flashes and beeps (this takes less than a second) which means that your visit to the control has been successfully recorded. One beep or flash is sufficient. If the unit does not flash or beep, please insert your card and try again and if still unsuccessful, make a note of the 3 letter word written on top of the box.

Your dibber will be issued at Reception and will be pre-cleared. On Day 1 you insert it into the Start control box at the Start. On Day 2, just before the Start, your dibber will be cleared. You dip your dibber into the special clear station for about 5 seconds until it beeps. Once the dibber is cleared you move on to the next stage where the dibber is checked.

Finally, you get to the start, where you again need to insert it into the Start control box, as on Day 1.
At the Finish there will be a control box at the finish line which you must use to record your finish time. You must not enter the run-in without your partner. You must be together when you cross the line. You must then go to the download station. Do not lose, break or forget to return your dibber or we will have to charge you an extra £30.


Harvey Maps are producing a dedicated SLMM 2021 map at a scale of 1:25000 with 15m contours. It will be overprinted with out of bounds areas, un-crossable boundaries (boundaries that you are not permitted to cross except at marked crossing points). In addition, the map will be overprinted with circles identifying all controls.

Maps will be printed on Polyart Special paper, which is both waterproof and very strong. Polythene bags will not be supplied. If you want to use a map bag, then you should bring your own.


All maintained walls with inbound fields are out of bounds. You may also encounter walls and fences out on the fells. If you are forbidden to cross them, they will be clearly marked with a purple line. Permitted crossing points will be marked. Please study the following map segments for illustrations of these symbols and for all other map symbols.


Separate maps will be printed for the Fairfield Course. These will show only the controls relevant to the Fairfield course, together with the points value for each control.


Although marked on the map with a blue line, you may find that a number of streams are, in fact, dry in the summer.


The maps will be correct at the time of printing. If there is a need to inform you of map corrections we will put out a number of maps, after the Start line, where you can copy the corrections onto your own map. You will need to have your pen/pencil available.


The control description sheet, which you will receive at the Start, lists the controls that you need to visit, provides a description of the feature and a grid reference for its location. The grid reference will identify a circle on the map and the feature is in the centre of that circle.

You will want to mark your course onto the map. You should have a permanent marker that is suitable for writing on plastic. Sharpie markers work reasonably well, but the best thing, if the map is wet, is a chinagraph pencil.

Please note we have 2 distinct course types with separate starts, and it is important that you are aware of which is relevant to you.


You must visit all the controls on the control description sheet, in the order shown

THE SCORE COURSE: FAIRFIELD –  At the Start on Day 1, you will receive a control description sheet and also a map showing all the controls, with points values, that you may visit on either Saturday or Sunday. You need to plan your route for both Saturday and Sunday to visit as many of these controls and obtain as many points as you are able. Do not visit any control twice during the two days. You will only get points for one visit. NOTE -This map and these control descriptions cover both days. You will not be issued with a new map or new list of controls on Sunday. Your time allowance is 7 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday. If you are late finishing, on either day, then you will receive penalty points, which will be deducted from your score. You must go through the Finish on Saturday and the Start on Sunday. Full details of how the Fairfield course is structured and of the penalties for finishing late are provided on the “Courses” page of the SLMM website.


We have had to do a lot of negotiating with landowners, and others, over access to this area. The good reputation of the event has helped and we ask you to help maintain our good name by being considerate and careful.

Out of Bounds areas are marked on the map with a purple wash. You must not enter these areas. Anyone doing so will be disqualified.

All maintained walls with inbound fields are out of bounds. You may also encounter walls and fences out on the fells. If you are forbidden to cross them they will be clearly marked with a purple line. Permitted crossing points will be marked. Please study your map carefully to identify where these crossings are located.


Your start time is shown above. All courses will start in the same location, which is a 10-minute walk from Gatesgarth Farm, along a minor road and a track. Follow the signs. Competitors should leave the farm entrance gate no earlier than 15 minutes before their designated start time to avoid crowds gathering at the start.

Your start time is shown above. All courses will start in the same location, which is a 10-minute walk from Gatesgarth Farm, along a minor road and a track. Follow the signs. Competitors should leave the farm entrance gate no earlier than 15 minutes before their designated start time to avoid crowds gathering at the start.

Maps and control descriptions will be issued after the Start.

If necessary, master-maps will be displayed, showing last minute corrections you may need to make to the map.

Ensure you use the toilets at the Event HQ before leaving. Because the start is close to the event centre there will be no additional toilets at the start. Given the proximity and requirement to arrive only 5 minutes before your start time there is no need for anyone to relieve themselves at the start and anyone who does so will risk disqualification.


Each control will be marked by a standard orange and white orienteering kite and a SPORTident timing box. The kite will normally be lying on the ground. There will be controls out which are not on your course so check that the code number on the SPORTident timing box corresponds with the code on your description sheet and only then dip your dibber into the unit.
Both members of the team must visit the control.


The Overnight Camp is strictly for competitors and officials only. Nobody else should be told of its location and no one other than competitors or officials will be allowed onto the campsite. Having finished, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD YOUR DIBBER IMMEDIATELY. You will then walk a short distance to the camping area. There will be water available from a row of taps on the water bowsers. This is untreated spring water. We believe it to be safe to drink, but you may wish to boil it or sterilise it. Your pre ordered drinks will be waiting for you and, in addition, a limited amount of all drinks will be available to purchase on a first come basis. (Card payments only) No food will be served at the overnight camp and you must be self-sufficient in all respects. Please empty and flatten all cartons and cans we supplied you and return these empties to us at a designated point. On no account will we take any other rubbish away. You must carry back the remains of all items that you brought and dispose of them when you get home. Rubbish will feature on the kit check list, at the Finish.


Day 2 course descriptions can be collected from 06.45 on Sunday. All competitors must start at their allocated time which you will have already obtained from the event website and must carry with you at all times (see Kit List). No paper lists will be posted up. We are being strict on start times with the intention of avoiding crowding around the start. There will be no chasing start for the leading teams. Everyone will start at their designated time


The Day 2 Finish will be at the Event HQ. PLEASE GO TO DOWNLOAD AS SOON AS YOU have finished.


In the unlikely event of extremely bad weather, courses will be shortened and “Bad weather control description sheets” will be issued. These courses will be shorter than the planned course. They will reduce the amount of exposure on high ground and avoid difficult river crossings.


Courses will close at 20.00 on Saturday and at 16.00 on Sunday. Anyone who finishes later than these times will be disqualified. Check your Control Description sheet for the closing times of individual controls, as some controls will be closed, and removed, earlier than the course closing time. Anyone late back on Sunday is likely to miss out on their meal.


In previous events we posted results at the overnight camp and the finish on rolling basis but will not do that this year as we seek to reduce hotspots for congregation and social interaction. Due to COVID we do not intend to print results or have them displayed on monitors. Instead there will be a “SPORTident” wireless network on the O/N camp field and the HQ field. You can access this via a smartphone and then use your internet browser to go to site  to view the results.

Please turn off “mobile data” as with it turned on your phone will keep trying to get onto the internet rather than use the local Intranet. There is no cost for looking at results on the local network.

Post Event the results will be at


There will be no prizegiving at the event itself and all prizes will be posted afterwards. These will be trophies made from local Honister slate for each team member that finish first on all courses (sample here) in the following categories – Female, Male, Mixed and Veterans (with the exception of Bedafell) The veteran’s handicap formula is explained in FAQs on the web site). Full prize policy here.


The caps recognising attending 10, 20 and 30 Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathons will not be presented this year but will resume in 2022 with this year’s event obviously counting towards the totals.


The event is held in accordance with the rules and safety requirements of the Fell Runners Association. The following additional rules and minimum kit requirements must also be adhered to by all entrants.

All competitors must report to the finish and hand in their dibber, even if they are retiring. This is a vital safety check. Failure do so could result in a mountain rescue call out and a ban from further events.

All competitors must follow the country code, in particular it is forbidden to climb walls, and enclosed farmland should only be crossed on public rights of way.

Teams must remain together at all times except in an emergency situation.
Any team that is reported to have separated will be disqualified.

No dogs are allowed at Event HQ or in the competition area.


For teams of two, we assume that, in the event of an accident, one of the team members will raise an alarm but obviously this is not applicable for Scafell/Fairfield Solo, so a mobile phone is a compulsory item of kit for these classes. If you will not finish on either day before the course closing time, please text the Emergency Number shown on your map explaining your situation. If you do not do this we will assume that you are in difficulty and appropriate action will be taken.


All those retiring must hand in their dibber into Reception at the Event HQ or to Download at Mid Camp. This is a very important action. It enables us to account for everyone at the end of each day. If you are retiring and expect to return after course closing time send a text message to the emergency number. (This is a satellite phone and you will find the charges for voice communications are very high, so a text is preferable). If you choose to retire at the overnight camp because you have decided not to compete on day 2, you must report this to the SLMM first aider. You will need to make your own arrangements to return to the Event HQ to pick up your car and/or belongings. You can walk back by the shortest route or, we will provide details of a local taxi firm for you to make your own arrangements.


If, during the course of the event, there is an incident that requires external assistance, your first point of call is the police who will then call out the Mountain Rescue. Attempt a mobile call if you have a phone or head for the nearest place that has a telephone line. Dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Police and then the mountain rescue. In addition, an event emergency phone number will be printed on your map. Please use this to inform us if you are calling out the Mountain Rescue. It is a satellite phone and any voice calls to this number will be expensive. We recommend that you use text messages whenever possible. Do not use the event emergency number for trivial matters. Be aware mobile phone signals are very unreliable in this area, for both sending and receiving but text messages may get through where voice contact is not possible. To use SMS texting for emergencies you will need to have registered your number with the emergencysmsorganisation.  Details here.

Make the casualty comfortable, in a tent and sleeping bag. Use whistle to summon the assistance of other teams. If possible, someone should stay with the casualty at all times. Write down your team number, names, exact location-grid reference and distinctive landmarks close by you. Note the time of the incident and nature of the injuries


The carrying of GPS, GPS phones or any other satellite navigation systems is permitted to enable competitors to record their routes, take photographs and for emergencies. THEY MUST NOT BE USED FOR NAVIGATIONAL PURPOSES. This includes checking your position on a digital map or obtaining a grid reference of your location.


Each individual competitor must wear or carry the following at all times (Note that it is not permissible for the other team member to carry any of this):

  • Footwear suitable for use in the mountains. Fell running/Trail shoes or boots with a minimum tread depth of 4mm
  • Rucksack
  • Sleeping bag with insulation (liner only is not sufficient) or integrated sleep system of insulated quilt and compatible insulated mat made by recognised manufacturer
  • Survival Bag – a Bag NOT a Space Blanket
  • Waterproof jacket with hood and waterproof over trousers (not shower proof materials – see FAQs for more details)
  • The following items of technical clothing (not cotton)
        Full length trousers/ tights/ leggings
        T-shirt/base layer
        Long sleeved mid layer
  • Hat (includes Buff) & gloves
  • Torch (suitable for emergency night navigation)
  • Compass & Whistle
  • Watch or other means of timekeeping
  • Waterproof pen / pencil (capable of marking your course onto wet plastic see FAQs for recommendations) and paper with your start times and team number written down
  • Map provided by SLMM
  • Face covering and 50ml bottle of hand sanitiser
  • SPORTident dibber, provided by us, attached securely to one team member using the lanyard provided when the dibber is issued to you
  • Solo competitors in the Scafell & Fairfield classes MUST carry a mobile phone with them for safety purposes


  • Tent with sewn in groundsheet, poles and pegs (includes hooped bivi with these characteristics), large enough to accommodate both runners if a team
  • Stove & fuel, matches/lighter – with Emergency fuel remaining at the end of Day 2 sufficient to boil 500ml of water
  • Food for 2 days including your Emergency food (minimum 150 kcals per person) which you will still have with you when you finish Day 2. If you have eaten your Emergency food before the Finish then you will have experienced an Emergency and consequently be assumed to have retired
  • Plasters and bandage
  • Their rubbish
  • Tracker (provided by us) fitted to one team member’s rucksack


In the event of fire in your tent, evacuate as quickly as possible. Fire extinguishers will be available on the camping field, in the HQ marquee and in the marquee/shelter at the Overnight Camp.

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