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HOW IT WORKS          

There are defined locations (‘controls’) with different values and the objective is to collect as many points as possible by visiting the controls within the designated time (2/3/4.5 or 6 hours depending on which course you have elected at the start).

There are no physical markers at the controls – instead we use a GPS smartphone app called MapRun6 to identify and record when each control has been visited. At the end of your run, your results are displayed and are stored on a server so you can see your ranking compared with other people who’ve completed the same course.


You need to install an app called Maprun6 which is available free on the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android. Fill in your name, which will appear in the rankings, and basic information under “User details” on the App. We cannot offer technical support on this App, but this link covers some issues that might arise on your phone. 

When you are out on the course the app uses GPS and is not reliant on a phone signal. Before leaving home or whilst you still have access to data you need to download the course from the App. 

Open the app and use “Select Event” to find our course which is listed under UK/Cumbria/Saunders and then click on the course you wish to enter. Alternatively, use the relevant QR codes below to go straight to the course you wish to complete. on M The 2 and 3 hour courses are the the same (but with different time limits) and the 4.5 and 6 hour courses are the same (but again different time limits) –make sure you select the correct course before you start. If you choose the shorter time for each course limit and take longer than this then you will lose points via penalties. If you choose the longer course and don’t use all your time then you will not incur penalties but will be simply leaving points on the course. You can download all of the courses and make the decision as to which one you want to do just before you start.

Collect the relevant SLMM score course map from Inov8’s The Forge Store located at Staveley Mill Yard, LA8 9LR (between Hawkshead Brewery and More Bakery. The store is open 6 days a week, Thursday to Tuesday (9-5, except Sunday 10-4, closed Wednesdays).

Note. The 2 and 3 hour course use an A4 map and the 4.5 and 6 hour course use an A3 map. You must make sure you have the correct map for your chosen course!

Inov8 have generously supported the cost of the map and course and we would like to see a minimum donation to the Kendal Mountain Rescue Team from our competitors, made on collection, of £2 per A4 map and £3 per A3 map.


To get to the start, leave The Forge store and turn left at the end of the covered arcade. Turn left again at the bowling club and you will see the bridge over the river Kent, which is the start and finish of the course.

Start theMaprun6 app and click on “Go to Start” – this will display the map on your phone so that you can see if your GPS is working. Go towards the start area as shown on the map and get ready to run. The app will automatically start logging your track and time when you pass within about 10m of the Start. The phone will beep indicating your timer has started.

Now just follow your course around the controls and as you get within about 10m of each one your phone will beep and display a message saying the control has been registered. If it doesn’t do this immediately, circle around the control for a bit – it can take a few seconds for your GPS to register your location, especially under trees. If it still doesn’t register, start wondering if you’re in the wrong place! The Maprun6 app will show you the last control you have visited, the elapsed time and the time you have remaining to complete the course.

When you get to the finish the timer will stop automatically and you will be given the option to upload your results to the server. This will then allow you to see your position in the rankings for the course. You can also configure MapRun6 to upload your route directly to Strava.


You have your allowed time, from when your phone registers at the start to collect as many points as possible and return to the start where you phone will register you have finished. Each control point has a unique identifying number with a control description which describes the feature on the ground and a numerical points value ascribed to it. These are aggregated to produce your total score and each control point only counts on the first visit. Points are subtracted at the rate of 10 points for every minute or part minute over the relevant limit. So, for example, if you enter the 2-hour course and take 2 hours 6 minutes and 23 seconds to collect 250 points you will lose 70 points and your final score will be 180 points. If you had entered the 3-hour course you would retain 250 points.


The boundary of open access land is shown on the map with a thick orange band. Outside access land you must stay on public rights of way (paths and bridleways shown with red dots and roads). Inside access land you can go anywhere but must only cross walls/fences at gates and stiles. These exist wherever a right of way (with red dots) crosses a wall/fence and there are additional places marked in purple (see map legend for symbol). Remember that your route will be visible on the results page so your score may not be counted if these rules are not followed.


All those using the app and the course do so entirely at their own risk and need to be aware of the dangers of traversing remote mountains, where communications are poor. We have no control over who uses the courses and do not vet participants.  With everyone taking responsibility for themselves there are therefore no mandatory kit requirements. However, as a general rule for anyone running or walking in the mountains, at any time of year we would suggest taking at least the FRA mandatory kit list [waterproof whole-body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood), hat, gloves, map of the route, compass, whistle and emergency food].

Q R Codes – quick link to MapRun6 courses. Open the camera on your phone and hold up to the relevant code.

2 hour Course
3 hour Course
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