Use of Si timing chip (‘dibber’)

Each competitor  will be issued a ‘dibber’ (timing chip) that will be attached to the wrist. It must remain attached to the wrist until you have finished on Sunday. Each control has an electronic box with a number on it. Your dibber is inserted into a hole in the top of the box until it flashes and beeps (this takes less than a second) which means that your visit to the control has been successfully recorded. One beep or flash is sufficient. If the unit does not flash or beep, please insert your dibber and try again and if still unsuccessful, make a note of the 3 letter word written on top of the box. Both team members must insert their dibber.

Your dibber will be issued at Reception and will be pre-cleared. On Day 1 you insert it into the Start control box at the Start. On Day 2, just before the Start, your dibber will be cleared. You insert your dibber into the special clear station for about 5 seconds until it beeps. Once the dibber is cleared you move on to the next stage where the dibber is checked.

Finally, you get to the start, where you again need to insert it into the Start control box, as on Day 1.

At the Finish there will be a control box at the finish line where you must dib again  to record your finish time. You must not enter the run-in without your partner. You must be together when you cross the line. You must then go to the download station.

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