The award structure will be as follows and apply to all teams on all courses (with the sole exception of Bedafell where there will be no vets’ prize), whether individual or pairs.

1st Male team

1st Female team

1st Mixed team

1st Veteran Team

All trophies will be similar and of equal value and there will be no overall awards. In 2022 the trophies will be course specific plaques made from Honister slate, the mine that was central to the courses in the 2021 event. 

All teams of relevant ages (both members must be a 45 or older, irrespective of gender) are eligible for the Veteran category and this has a handicap system which seeks to balance for age and gender. A full explanation of how the formula works is here here

A team can potentially win two categories, e.g. Mixed and Vets and, if so will be awarded both trophies. 

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