Please note the dates and times below as they are firmly fixed. Your start time for both Saturday and Sunday will be within the 15-minute window you selected on entry. If you have forgotten what time you chose, then this can be checked when you EDIT MY ENTRY to complete your pre-registration.


  • Final date for New Entries
  • Final date for team or course changes. This can only be done on-line. You will not be permitted to make any changes when you arrive at the event
  • Final date by which you must complete Pre-registration online. If you miss this date, you will not be allowed to compete
  • Final date for pre-registering junior runners.  See below for more information
  • Final date you can order food and drinks for the Friday night and drinks for the overnight camp. Details below.


Team numbers and exact start times allocated and sent to all competitors in an email. Please retain this information and take it with you to the event.


16.30 Event Centre Opens


2022 Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon 


16.00 Event Centre closes and site cleared


It is compulsory for all teams to complete the pre-registration process below and the update of emergency information no later than 26th June. This must be done on-line. Please check/update the details for your emergency contacts and also enter your vehicle registration if you plan on leaving it at the Event Centre for the weekend. 

The person who made the entry and paid for it should complete pre-registration by going to the SiEntries site at the link:


  • Click the EDIT/SUBSTITUTE Button
  • Check that the Emergency Contact details and Vehicle Reg are up to date for each team member
  • Click the NEXT button at the BOTTOM of the screen
  • Read the disclaimers and tick each of them to confirm your acceptance
  • Click the SAVE ENTRY button at the BOTTOM of the screen



Our Event HQ will be by the Brook House Inn, Boot, Eskdale CA19 1TG


Reception will be open from 16.30 to 21.30 on Friday and from 06.30 on Saturday. You must check in, even though you have completed online pre-registration. We need to fit a dibber onto the wrist of each team member so you must both be present.

If you are just coming to check in and then going away to sleep elsewhere on Friday night, you will be directed by marshals to temporary parking. Please do not follow those cars that are being directed to the camping area as this will upset the one-way system.


Campervans will be directed to park in a separate area of the site. Please make sure you have purchased the £10 campervan permit.  EDIT MY ENTRY on SiEntries and select the relevant option and make your payment.  Please note, access to the site involves negotiating steep hills and tight lanes and we would discourage those with larger vehicles from attempting this. Space on the site is also limited.


After you have parked, both members of your team should come to Reception.

Bring the sheet containing your Team number and Start times. At Reception, you will be fitted with an SPORTident timing chip otherwise known as a “dibber”. The dibber will be attached to your wrist and must not be removed until after you have finished on Sunday. For details of how the SPORTident system works, click here. If you lose, break or forget to return your dibber we will have to charge you an extra £30.


Although there will be no kit checks at Reception, random kit checks will be carried out at the Overnight Camp and at the Day 2 Finish.


Rules relating to junior runners can be found on the event website here.
You will need to pre-register all juniors using this form . Please email a scanned copy to the organiser at no later than Sunday 26th June.


Camping on the Friday night is available for competitors only. Friends and family are not permitted but there is a National Trust campsite nearby where they can stay. Please follow marshals’ instructions when you arrive. We cannot accept caravans on the site. Parking opens at 4.00pm. Do not arrive before this time. 
Tents can be left erected until Sunday. We will not be providing a security guard, so you may prefer to pack your camping gear into your car before starting the event on Saturday. A luggage store will be available for those who arrive on foot but we can take no responsibility for any items left in it, or elsewhere on the site.

Due to the restricted entrance to the campsite, you will not be able to leave this area in a car on the Friday so please make sure you have everything with you when you arrive. Hot food and drinks will be available on site.

We plan on “Lights out” at 11pm on the Friday as everyone has a long weekend ahead of them. We recognise that some people may have transport issues and may arrive after this time. Please keep as quiet as possible and follow the instructions on the gate for late arrivals.


We will not offer a service to keep your car keys for you. You must keep them yourself.


No Dogs, even on a lead are allowed, at the event. Both the Event HQ and the Overnight Camp are on private land.


In the event of fire in your tent, evacuate as quickly as possible. Fire extinguishers will be available on the camping field, in the HQ marquee and in the marquee/shelter at the Overnight Camp.


Caps will be presented to those who have competed in, or volunteered, at 10, 20 or 30 SLMM events. Please email the organiser at slmmorganiser@gmail.combefore the event with full list of the relevant events you have competed/volunteered and then collect your cap at reception. No claims will be considered on the day.


Podium Catering will be selling food and soft drinks on the Friday night and Saturday morning. It would help them ensure they have sufficient stocks if you would order and pay for food and drink in advance. The catering will be open from about 6pm until 10pm on the Friday night, and open for breakfast from 6.30 on Saturday morning. They will also provide the meal that is included in your entry fee when you finish on Sunday afternoon, Please order your food in advance here.

Bring cash if you have not ordered in advance as there is no signal and no means of taking additional payments electronically


We will not be providing a bar on site at the Friday night but there are two adjacent pubs, the Brook House Inn and the Boot Inn so there should be no reason for campers to leave the area once arrived.


Soft and alcoholic drinks and milk can be ordered in advance here  and collected at the overnight camp. Depending on stocks,it may be possible to purchase drinks at the overnight camp so bring cash (there is no means of taking electronic payments) if you think you may want to drink more than you have ordered in advance. However, this is not an alternative to pre-ordering. The quantity of additional drinks available for purchase will be limited and will be sold on a first-come basis. No refunds on drink will be available if you do not get to the overnight camp to collect it.


At Event HQ there are Portaloo-type toilets on the Parking/HQ field. Please use these before you start. At the overnight campsite, Portaloo-type toilets will be provided.


Water at both the Event Centre and the Overnight camp is from local sources and used by their respective farms as primary sources of drinking water. However, the water is untreated, and you should therefore treat the water yourself, if you have any concerns, before drinking or using for cooking.

As water is limited. Please take no more than you need and do not allow it to run on the ground. A stream also runs past the overnight camp field.


Pete Bland Sports will be present at the event, from Friday, with a full range of Mountain Marathon equipment, and some great offers – don’t forget to bring cash or credit card to the event centre.


If you have ordered T- shirts they can be collected at Reception. There may be a limited number available for sale at the event for £15 each. Please bring cash if you are interested in this option.


Harvey Maps have produced a dedicated SLMM 2022 map at a scale of 1:25000 with 15m contours. It will be overprinted with out-of-bounds areas, un-crossable boundaries (boundaries that you are not permitted to cross except at marked crossing points). In addition, the map will be overprinted with circles identifying all controls. Maps will be printed on Polyart Special paper, which is both waterproof and very strong. Polythene bags will not be supplied. If you want to use a map bag, then you should bring your own.

Event maps with no controls marked for any courses will be available for view in the Marquee on Friday night and Saturday morning.


Separate maps will be printed for the Fairfield Course. These will show only the controls relevant to the Fairfield course, together with the points value for each control.


All inbound fields with maintained walls are out of bounds. There are other areas that you cannot enter for environmental reasons, which are all marked on the map with a purple wash. Anyone entering these areas may be disqualified
You may also encounter walls and fences out on the fells marked on the map with a purple line. You will be disqualified if you cross them other than at the permitted crossing points, which are marked. Please study your map carefully to identify where these crossings are located.

The following map segments illustrate these symbols as well as  other map symbols.


Although marked on the map with a blue line, you may find that several streams are, in fact, dry in the summer. Small tarns may also be dry.


The maps will be correct at the time of printing. If there is a need to inform you of map corrections, we will put out a number of maps, after the Start line, where you can copy the corrections onto your own map. You will need to have your pen/pencil available.


The control description sheet, which you will receive at the Start, lists the controls that you need to visit, provides a description of the feature and a grid reference for its location. The grid reference will identify a circle on the map and the feature is in the centre of that circle. Remember that there are other circles on the map that are not relevant to your course.


You will want to mark your course onto the map. You should have a permanent marker that is suitable for writing on plastic. Sharpie markers work reasonably well, but the best thing, if the map is wet, is a chinagraph pencil.

ALL LINEAR COURSES (SCAFELL, KIRKFELL, CARROCK FELL, HARTER FELL, WANSFELL AND BEDAFELL) – If you are on a linear course (all courses except Fairfield) you must visit all the controls on the control description sheet, in the order shown

SCORE COURSE (FAIRFIELD) – At the Start on Day 1, you will receive a control description sheet and also a map showing all the controls, with points values, that you may visit on either Saturday or Sunday. You need to plan your route for both Saturday and Sunday to visit as many of these controls and obtain as many points as you are able. Do not visit any control twice during the two days. You will only get points for one visit.

NOTE -This map and these control descriptions cover both days. You will not be issued with a new map or new list of controls on Sunday. 
Your time allowance is 7 hours on Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday. If you are late finishing, on either day, then you will receive penalty points, which will be deducted from your score. You must go through the Finish on Saturday and the Start on Sunday. Full details of how the Fairfield course is structured and of the penalties for finishing late are provided on the “Courses” page of the SLMM website.


There is one Start, in a field alongside the HQ field. You should start at the time that you have been allocated. 

Maps and control descriptions will be issued after the Start. There will be a taped route of about 300m to get you to open fell. This must be followed by everyone including Fairfield competitors. This is also the route you should follow when you finish on Sunday.


Each control will be marked by a standard orange and white orienteering kite lying on the ground, together with a SPORTident timing box. There will be controls out which are not on your course so check that the code number on the SPORTident timing box corresponds with the code on your description sheet and only then dip your dibber into the unit.

Both members of the team must dib the control.


Immediately when you have finished you must go to the SPORTident download station.


Once you have downloaded you can collect your pre-ordered drinks and pitch your tent.

No food will be served at the overnight camp and you must be self-sufficient in all respects. Please empty and flatten all cartons and cans we supplied you and return these empties to us at a designated point. On no account will we take any other rubbish away. You must carry back the remains of all items that you brought and dispose of them when you get home. Rubbish will feature on the kit check list, at the Finish.


Day 2 course descriptions can be collected from 06.45 on Sunday. All competitors must start at their allocated time. There will be no chasing start for the leading teams.


The Day 2 Finish will be at the Event HQ You must go to the SPORTident download station as soon as you have finished.


In the unlikely event of extremely bad weather, courses will be shortened and “Bad weather control description sheets” will be issued. These courses will be shorter than the planned course. They will reduce the amount of exposure on high ground and avoid difficult river crossings. Fairfield will not be shortened but you are advised to plan your route to avoid river crossings.


Courses will close at 20.00 on Saturday and at 16.00 on Sunday. Anyone who finishes later than these times will be disqualified. Check your Control Description sheet for the closing times of individual controls, as some controls will be closed, and removed, earlier than the course closing time. Anyone late back on Sunday is likely to miss out on their meal.


Paper results will be posted at the overnight camp and the finish.


There will be two prizegivings. At around 12.30pm for Wansfell, Bedafell and Harter Fell and then at around 2.30pm for Carrock Fell, Kirkfell, Scafell and Fairfield.

Trophies have been made from local Honister slate for each team member that finish first on all courses in the following categories – Female, Male, Mixed and Veterans (no veterans in Bedafell) The veteran’s handicap formula is explained on this web page. Full prize policy here.


The event rules can be found here .The event is held in accordance with the rules and safety requirements of the Fell Runners Association together with specific additional rules relevant to this event. You need to familiarise yourself with these rules and adhere to them. They apply to you.

For your safety, teams must stay together except in an emergency.


All those retiring must hand in their dibber into Reception at the Event HQ or to Download at Mid Camp. This is a very important action. It enables us to account for everyone at the end of each day. If you are retiring and expect to return after course closing time send a text message to the emergency number. (This is a satellite phone and you will find the charges for voice communications are very high, so a text is preferable). If you choose to retire at the overnight camp because you have decided not to compete on day 2, you must report this to the marshal at Download. You will need to make your own arrangements to return to the Event HQ to pick up your car and/or belongings. You can walk back by the shortest route or, we will provide details of a local taxi firm for you to make your own arrangements.


If, during the course of the event, there is an incident that requires external assistance, your first point of call is the police who will then call out the Mountain Rescue. Attempt a mobile call if you have a phone or head for the nearest place that has a telephone line. Dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Police and then the Mountain Rescue. In addition, an event emergency phone number will be printed on your map. Please use this to inform us if you are calling out the Mountain Rescue. It is a satellite phone and any voice calls to this number will be expensive. We recommend that you use text messages whenever possible. Do not use the event emergency number for trivial matters. Be aware mobile phone signals are very unreliable in this area, for both sending and receiving but text messages may get through where voice contact is not possible. To use SMS texting for emergencies you will need to have registered your number with the emergencysmsorganisation.  Details here.

Make the casualty comfortable, in a tent and sleeping bag. Use whistle to summon the assistance of other teams. If possible, someone should stay with the casualty at all times. Write down your team number, names, exact location-grid reference and distinctive landmarks close by you. Note the time of the incident and nature of the injuries


The carrying of GPS, GPS phones or any other satellite navigation systems is permitted to enable competitors to record their routes, take photographs and for emergencies. THEY MUST NOT BE USED FOR NAVIGATIONAL PURPOSES. This includes checking your position on a digital map or obtaining a grid reference of your location.


You will find a list of compulsory equipment on event website, Rules section.

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