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Controller’s Comments

We were blessed with sunshine over the weekend of the Event which was very different to the conditions on the hills earlier on in the year. The carnage that the farmers had to stand are still evident over all the Fells. It is with gratitude that they allowed us to use the area from Black Knowe to Corney Fell to Harter Fell.

Throughout the Lakes there are sites of special scientific interest. Each year we sit down with Natural England and agree the restrictions. The constrictions at Buckbarrow Bridge and around Devoke Water were part of the agreement. These were clearly marked on the map. Marshalls were deployed to monitor these areas. It is disappointing that there was a team that flouted the OOB area at Devoke. It is this sort of thing that could make it more difficult to arrange access in the future. The following is an edited version of the Marshalls report:

“Here are photos of the Devoke transgressors. These are date stamped at xx:xx 06/07/2013. They are heading north from Seat How CP113, which they would have booked in around 5-10 minutes earlier.

I blew the whistle – they stopped – “Go this side of the tape” – “Why?” – I blew again but they ignored me. A passing competitor said something like “There’s always one”.

Everyone else was fine. Occasional ones stepped into the area, but at the whistle they paid attention to our instruction, obeyed, and even thanked us. Very well behaved as usual.”

The help and support we were given by Robert and Rowena Morris-Eyton, their family and the staff at Beckside, the Event Centre, was considerable. We cannot thank them enough for what they did.

Likewise, we have to thank Robert and Ann Thornton who allowed us access to Stainton and its views across Ravensglass. Also, the Capstick family, who farm the area to the west and south of Black Knowe, and all the Commoners Associations.

For the first time, we had a class devoted to juniors. I am very interested in any feed back in general and for Bedafell in particular. Was the course too long or too short ? Was the handicapping fair ?

If you had a favourite photograph of the Event, you should already have submitted it to me. Now is your chance to vote for the best. The person with the largest number of votes wins a prize. If there is a tie, marshalls are then allowed to vote. The Controller has the final say.

Our new caterers were a success. There was, however, a problem. The queue on Sunday. The cause : you arrived too early. That, clearly, is our fault as we did not keep you on the hill long enough !

Photographs and free certificates are available at

I made two announcements at prize giving:

  • Please note that the SLMM has been put back by one week next year to the weekend of 12th/ 13th July to accommodate those that wish to see the Tour de France.
  • The other announcement was that we are thinking of starting a 24 hour event to be run over the same weekend as the SLMM and in the same area. What are your feeling about it ? Please note that we have many hurdles to cross if we do start this and we have not surmounted them at this stage. An example is insurance for a night event.

Lastly, I would like to thank all the Team and Marshalls without whom this event could not function and lastly to Brian Layton, the planner, whose enthusiasm was without bounds.

Chris Hall

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon